Specializing in R & D, production of insoluble anode and related equipment

Jiangsu Yianteng is subordinate to Suzhou Fenggang Titanium Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is a enterprise specializing in R & D and production of Insoluble Anode and related equipment. Relying on the 30-year R & D and manufacturing practice of Fenggang company, Yianteng adopts international advanced production facilities, process standards and management system, and strives to provide the most perfect and cost-effective electrochemical solutions for the global partners.

The company has a rich product system and a wide range of services. Our products include Ruthenium series MMO Electrode, Iridium series MMO Electrode, Lead Dioxide coated Titanium anode, Platinum coated Titanium Anode, Platinum plated Niobium Electrode, Diamond anode, Platinum Electrode, Chlorate electrolyzers, Organic synthesis electrolyzers, Ion-exchange membrane electrolyzers, etc..

The company can design and manufacture various non-standard chemical equipment and pressure vessels based on titanium or nickel. Our products are applied to Chlor-alkali chemical industry, Chlorate electrolysis, Organic electrolytic synthesis, Electrowinning copper, Electrolytic copper foil, Electronic plating, Steel plating, Metal plating, Water treatment, Wastewater treatment, Cathodic protection and other fields.

The company has a rich product system and a wide range of services. Its main products include ruthenium based titanium oxide anode, iridium based titanium oxide anode, lead dioxide based titanium oxide anode, platinum based titanium metal anode, platinum niobium plated anode, diamond anode, etc.; various chlorate electrolyzers, organic synthesis electrolyzers, ion-exchange membrane electrolyzers;


At the same time, the company holds the BR1 level pressure vessel manufacturing license, and can design and manufacture all kinds of titanium, nickel and other non-standard chemical equipment and pressure vessels; the service fields cover chlor alkali chemical industry, electrochemical metallurgy, copper foil electrolysis, electronic electroplating, industrial electroplating, water treatment, organic electrolytic synthesis, cathodic protection, electrochemical corrosion prevention and other fields.

With excellent product quality, excellent business philosophy, perfect service system and professional talent reserve, the company has experienced countless times of self innovation, and has become the largest insoluble anode coating company in China and the main manufacturer and technical leader of domestic anode products.