Iridium Series MMO Titanium Anode

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Base metal:


Coating oxide:


Current density range:


Precious metal content:


Sulfuric acid concentration range: 


temperature range:


Fluoride ion content


Ph value


1. Product Features:
  a. The substrate is mainly made of industrial pure titanium, which can be processed into any shape and size with high accuracy, and is dimensionally stable during use. This can ensure that the electrode equipment can work stably under a constant voltage for a long time, and can also guarantee the high purity of the product.
  b. The oxygen evolution potential is low, and the energy saving effect is obvious compared with the traditional anode, and the life is long.
  c. After the active layer is deactivated, it can be recoated and the substrate can be reused.
  d. This kind of electrode products of Yian Teng company are specially designed according to the actual operating conditions of each electrode to ensure that the best working effect can be achieved in any medium or application.
2. Application areas:
Metal foil, electrolytic copper foil, galvanized steel plate, cathodic protection, organic electrolytic synthesis, chromium plating, etching solution regeneration and copper recovery, cyclone electrolysis, hydrometallurgy, HHO generator, sewage treatment and other industries.
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