Ruthenium Series MMO Anode

basic information
Product description

Base metal:


Coating oxide:


Current density range:


Precious metal content:


Hydrochloric acid content


temperature range:


Fluoride ion content


Ph value


1. Product Features
    a. Excellent catalytic activity and catalytic selectivity.
    b. Excellent alkali corrosion resistance.
    c. Long working life.
    d. Low chlorine evolution potential.
  2. Guaranteed performance
    a. Initial chlorine evolution potential (saturated NaCl, Id = 3kA / m2): ≤1.10V vs. SCE.
    b. Guaranteed life: The life can be guaranteed according to the specific conditions of use, and the hydrogen evolution potential (ID = 3kA / m2) is not greater than 1.1V vs SCE during the guarantee period.
  3. Product geometry
     Yianteng company can provide anode products with the following shapes: round punching net, diamond punching net, grid, drawn wire and flat net, etc. Its external dimensions are suitable for various types of membraneless, diaphragm or ion membrane grooves.
  4.Scope of services
     New anode processing, old anode recoating, electric cell repair, anode replacement and comprehensive evaluation of anode performance, etc.
  5.Price and after-sales service
     Yianteng anode products have obvious performance-price ratio advantages and implement full-track tracking services for sold products.
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